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IOS Developer (Middle)


Betting industry-related project

Location: US, Mexico (to be able to work in the same time zone - PST)

A good grasp of English is required to communicate properly with PO and Senior Devs on the customer team.


  • Work collaboratively with a team of experienced engineers in a fast paced environment
  • Develop features that can be tested and scaled easily, review other engineers’ work based on that mindset
  • Stay in constant touch with team members and other stakeholders to match technical solutions to business needs, which requires coming to product meetings prepared, speaking up your mind regarding the technical side of the story
  • Provide technical expertise in the feature design and act as a guard of code and product quality
  • Engage in planning and estimating your own tasks along with your team
  • Own the development process from end to end through prototyping, validation, implementation, launch, and further iteration
  • Deliver a foolproof, high-quality, and responsive application


  • 4-6 years’ experience developing iOS applications in various domains
  • Solid experience with Swift and Cocoa Touch
  • Experience in writing beautiful, maintainable, readable and testable code
  • Good communication, collaborative and problem-solving skills; being confident in justifying your technical decisions to other team members
  • Having a strong understanding of pros and cons of different architectures (VIPER, MVVM, MVC etc.) and design patterns (Singleton, Builder, Factory, Strategy etc.) and know how and when to use them appropriately
  • Experience in designing APIs around remote data fetching, web sockets and other push-like data channels
  • Experience with DevOps work; writing deployment scripts for fastlane, automating the CI/ flow using Jenkins based on release requirements and cycles

SRE/DevOps Engineer

Постоянная работа

Looking for a SRE/DevOps Engineer to work on a trading product.


  • Strong knowledge of Linux (or any other Unix);
  • Experience with DevOps tools (Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab-CI, Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet etc.);
  • Understanding of principles of web-servers (ex. Nginx);
  • Understanding of HTTP Stack;
  • Understanding CI/CD;
  • Version control systems: Git;
  • Knowledge of SQL;
  • Basic knowledge of databases: PostgreSQL/MySQL;
  • Basic knowledge of networks.


  • Monitor the operation of reporting systems in production, solve current problems and work on improving the operation of systems (find errors in logs and performance loss, detect problems in the interaction of services, analyze application performance metrics and system metrics of host resources on which the application is deployed and create tasks for development team to fix the problems);
  • Incident resolution, root cause analysis, reporting, collaboration in problem;
  • solving including problems related to other teams;
  • Configure and adjust monitoring of services;
  • Build, release and configuration management of production systems;
  • Deploying, automating, maintaining and managing AWS cloud-based production system, to ensure the availability, performance, scalability and security of production systems;
  • Managing dev QA and production environments.

Tech stack:

  • *nix family OS;
  • AWS;
  • Kubernetes;
  • ELK;
  • Zabbix, Grafana, Dynatrace;
  • Git;
  • Jenkins, Gitlab CI;
  • Terragrunt;
  • PostgreSQL;
  • Kafka;
  • Consul, Vault.

Relocation to Montenegro.

DevOps Engineer


We are a leading back-office solution provider for Fintech companies that specialises in brokerage-related solutions. We have been operational for over ten years and are continually innovating on a wide range of products and services that serve the financial industry. 

We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer to automate builds, regression testing, monitoring, and pushing releases across multiple environments. You will be working as part of a highly talented team of IT and business specialists. The team’s top priority is to deliver new features and improve existing services.

You like:

  • A Challenge;
  • A stable environment to nurture your passion for technology;
  • A chance to grow as a specialist;
  • To work in an agile, fast-paced environment;
  • To deliver quality work on time and focus on business value;
  • Meaningful work with a profound impact on the company and the industry.

About you:

  • Passionate about DevOps, Software Engineering, and Continuous Delivery;
  • Hands-on experience in administration of Linux and Windows-based infrastructure;
  • Experience in Cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure, GCP;
  • Good knowledge of Configuration Management and Deployment tools like Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Terraform, etc.;
  • Experience in developing Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipelines (CI/CD);
  • Experience in writing Documentation;
  • Have an automation/config management mindset.

As an advantage:

  • Proficient in scripting;
  • Hands-on experience with Terraform;
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes;
  • Up-to-date knowledge of best practices regarding system security measures;
  • Excellent troubleshooting.


  • Creation and enhancement of Continuous Integration automation across multiple platforms using Jenkins or Bamboo;
  • Creation and Enhancement of Continuous Deployment automation built on Docker and Kubernetes;
  • Maintaining and migrating legacy services from on-premise to cloud infrastructure;
  • Defining and setting development, testing, release, update, and support processes for DevOps operation;
  • Monitoring and adjustment of processes during the entire software development lifecycle.

We offer:

  • Work in an international company;
  • Comprehensive health insurance, social guarantees;
  • Paid sports activities;
  • Fruits, cookies and great coffee;
  • Sponsored educational package;
  • Modern office environment in the centre of Riga;
  • Friendly team and career grown opportunities;
  • Fully subsidised parking near the office after the probation period;
  • Remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Solution Architect


4 work streams: 

  • We need to implement domains purchasing functionality 
  • Integrate commerce functionality with Shopify 
  • Authentication 
  • Analytics (we need to build a dashboard, and meanwhile it needs to be integrated with GA)

Tech stack :

  • Mobile - React Native
  • FE - React
  • BE - ExpressJS
  • DB - DynamoDB
  • Devops - BitBucket

Разработчик Fullstack (Python, JS)


Для работу на крупном банковском проекте требуется Разработчик Fullstack (Python, JS). Необходимый уровень специалиста: Middle+, Senior, Senior+.

Создание нового портала ИТ заявок для сотрудников банка. В рамках проекта предстоит перенести существующие заявки (около 700 шт) на новую платформу на базе MF Service Manager. Подрядчиком реализован этап MVP, предстоит вести дальнейшую доработку портала: 

- добавление интеграций с другими ИС; 

- создание новых справочников (БД) 

- перенос части функционала из MF SM в портал; 

- добавление новых разделов и инструмент на портал; 

- автоматизация заявок; 

- подключение парсеров документов. 


Текущий стек:  

- Python 3.10, PostgreSql 13.5, WebSockets, multiprocessing, asyncio 3.4, FastAPI 

- HTML, CSS, JS, nextJS, React, Webpack 5 

- Confluence, Jira, GIT 



- Опыт работы Python backend разработчиком от 3-х лет и JS от 1-го года в команде с отлаженным процессом разработки и развертывания приложений (VCS, CI/CD, docker и облака Kubernetes/AWS). 

- Опыт работы с SQL базами данных PostgreSQL. 

- Уметь писать тесты и понятную документацию. 

Будет плюсом: 

- Опыт работы с ITSM системами 

- Опыт написания high availability и highload систем, знание общих принципов построения таких систем. 

- Опыт разработки кода в среде ОС Linux, навыки DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes и пр.). 

- Любовь к типизированному коду и тщательной верификации входящих данных.

Специалист по нагрузочному тестированию


Для крупного банковского проекта требуется специалист по нагрузочному тестированию уровня от MIddle+.

Необходимый опыт:

  • Опыт в сфере нагрузочного тестирования программного обеспечения от 3 лет
  •  Опыт в роли ведущего инженера по производительности не менее 1 года
  • Опыт управления командой тестирования не менее 1 года
  • Базовые знания статистики, анализа данных о производительности;
  • Знание жизненного цикла ПО, методологий разработки и тестирования (в том числе водопадной модели и Agile)
  • Навыки работы с БД PostgreSQL, Oracle на уровне написания запросов, подготовки тестовых данных;
  • Знание языка программирования на уровне достаточном для написания эмуляторов внешних систем (предпочтительно Java);
  • Знание основ протокола http
  • Знание DevOps практик (подходы, методологии, инструменты)
  • Навыки администрирования операционных систем Windows и Linux
  • Опыт работы с инструментами НТ (Jmeter, LoadRunner, Gatling)
  • Опыт написания методики НТ
  • Опыт Сбора профиля НТ
  • Подготовка отчетов по НТ
  • Настройка мониторинга (Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana)
  • Профилирование приложений
  • Понимание микросервисной архитектуры и опыт работы с контейнерами


  • Изучить имеющиеся наработки по НТ – профили тестирования, существующие инструменты, отчеты и заглушки
  • Начать самостоятельно проводить тестирование – запуск тестов, анализ результатов, подготовка отчетов
  • Регистрировать дефекты на смежные команды и совместно с ними повышать производительность сервисов
  • Разрабатывать и дорабатывать нагрузочные тесты для соответствия целевым профилям нагрузки

Full-stack engineer



The (further) development of software for the purpose of iterative experiment design, data visualisation and connection to the Alb. database.


Backend Components:

Therefore, the software development also requires the design and development connectivity to the Alb. database via REST API as well as the frontend with user interface. The first component of API development is required to be developed using Python and TypeScript as well as serverless technologies based on Azure. Developer will be responsible for creating web application backend components from scratch, which will be exposed as REST Web APIs to frontend. In this role, you should be able to write functional code, which handles data from external REST APIs as well as from NoSQL database.



The second frontend component requires proficiency in AngularJS and TypeScript with the ability to make code design decisions. In addition, the developer has Python development skills, experience in API development and testing as well as in data visualization frameworks like D3.js.


Backlog items will be assigned in Azure DevOps containing business requirements and acceptance criteria.


-       Affiliation of scalable and responsive cloud-based Web application using state-of-the-art frontend engineering practices by:

o  Designing a technical concept, coding, testing and documentation according to the backlog item based on TypeScript and Python [BE]

o  Designing a technical concept, coding, testing and documentation according to the backlog item based on AngularJS and TypeScript [FE]

o  Translation of UI/UX design wireframes to actual code, by developing web user interface components and related tests [FE]

o  Designing and testing of APIs [FE]

o  Implement serverless technologies based on Azure, Azure Cosmos DB as well as Azure Event Hub [BE]

o  Creating web application backend components from scratch, which will be exposed as REST Web APIs to frontend [BE]

o  Write functional code, which handles data from external REST APIs and from NoSQL database [BE]

o  Implementing JWT-based authentication and access token handling [BE]

o  Performing visualization within data visualization frameworks like D3.js [FE]

o  Developing CI/CD build pipelines for the developed web components and takes actions to keep code/systems stable and efficient [BE, FE]

o  Testing including unit, integration, and performance tests [BE, FE]

-       Identify, design, and implement product improvements for the project related tasks according to the discussed backlog [BE, FE]

-       Documentation of technical implementation and related processes in Azure DevOps. Company will validate and approve it [BE, FE]