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Senior Front-End Developer (Angular)


We are a leading back-office solution provider for Fintech companies that specialises in brokerage-related solutions. We have been operational for over ten years and are continually innovating on a wide range of products and services that serve the financial industry. 

Currently, we are looking for a front-end developer with a strong IT background. You will be working as part of a highly talented team of IT and business specialists. The team’s top priority is to deliver new features and improve existing services. 

You like:

  • A Challenge;
  • A stable environment to nurture your passion for technology;
  • A chance to grow as a specialist;
  • To work in an agile, fast-paced environment;
  • To deliver quality work on time and focus on business value;
  • Meaningful work that has a profound impact on the company and the industry.

About you:

  • Front-end development experience 5+ years;
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript (ECMAScript);
  • Solid experience with TypeScript;
  • Hands-on experience with AngularJS, Angular;
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills;
  • Strong written skills in technical English (Upper-Intermediate or higher);
  • Have experience or strong understanding of how to migrate a project from AngularJS to a modern framework.

As an advantage:

  • Experience with Karma;
  • Familiarity with Twig;
  • Basic knowledge of PHP language;
  • Experience with Git;
  • Familiarity with JIRA and Confluence.
  • Familiar with the finance domain.
  • Have experience or strong understanding of the Micro-Frontend approach.


  • Develop architecture, provide strategy and migrate our project from AngularJS to a modern front-end framework;
  • Develop new functionality and maintain the existing company's services;
  • Coordinate technical solutions with other product teams;
  • Write well-designed, testable, efficient code;
  • Refactor and optimise existing code;
  • Create and maintain software documentation;
  • Troubleshoot production issues;

We offer:

  • Work in an international company;
  • Comprehensive health insurance, social guarantees;
  • Paid sports activities;
  • Fruits, cookies and great coffee;
  • Sponsored educational package;
  • Hybrid work environment (both remote and in-office);
  • Modern office environment in the centre of Riga;
  • Friendly team and career growth opportunities;
  • Fully subsidised parking near the office after the probation period.

Full-stack engineer



The (further) development of software for the purpose of iterative experiment design, data visualisation and connection to the Alb. database.


Backend Components:

Therefore, the software development also requires the design and development connectivity to the Alb. database via REST API as well as the frontend with user interface. The first component of API development is required to be developed using Python and TypeScript as well as serverless technologies based on Azure. Developer will be responsible for creating web application backend components from scratch, which will be exposed as REST Web APIs to frontend. In this role, you should be able to write functional code, which handles data from external REST APIs as well as from NoSQL database.



The second frontend component requires proficiency in AngularJS and TypeScript with the ability to make code design decisions. In addition, the developer has Python development skills, experience in API development and testing as well as in data visualization frameworks like D3.js.


Backlog items will be assigned in Azure DevOps containing business requirements and acceptance criteria.


-       Affiliation of scalable and responsive cloud-based Web application using state-of-the-art frontend engineering practices by:

o  Designing a technical concept, coding, testing and documentation according to the backlog item based on TypeScript and Python [BE]

o  Designing a technical concept, coding, testing and documentation according to the backlog item based on AngularJS and TypeScript [FE]

o  Translation of UI/UX design wireframes to actual code, by developing web user interface components and related tests [FE]

o  Designing and testing of APIs [FE]

o  Implement serverless technologies based on Azure, Azure Cosmos DB as well as Azure Event Hub [BE]

o  Creating web application backend components from scratch, which will be exposed as REST Web APIs to frontend [BE]

o  Write functional code, which handles data from external REST APIs and from NoSQL database [BE]

o  Implementing JWT-based authentication and access token handling [BE]

o  Performing visualization within data visualization frameworks like D3.js [FE]

o  Developing CI/CD build pipelines for the developed web components and takes actions to keep code/systems stable and efficient [BE, FE]

o  Testing including unit, integration, and performance tests [BE, FE]

-       Identify, design, and implement product improvements for the project related tasks according to the discussed backlog [BE, FE]

-       Documentation of technical implementation and related processes in Azure DevOps. Company will validate and approve it [BE, FE]

Frontend Developer (Angular, JavaScript)


Для работы на крупном банковском проекте требуется специалист на позицию Frontend Developer (Angular, JavaScript), уровень Senior.

С чем работает проект:

  • Angular 7 — используем фреймворк в полную силу: reactive forms, OnPush change detection, router resolvers & guards, CLI, lazy loading etc;
  • RXJS — пишем реактивно и умеем правильно применять разного рода операторы;
  • NGRX — делаем правильную архитектуру с менеджером состояния приложения;
  • Typescript — пишем строго-типизированный код;
  • Jest/karma+jasmine — покрываем приложения тестами с точки зрения правильной пирамиды тестирования.

Необходимые навыки и умения:

  • Опыт работы с Angular 4.x.x (и выше);
  • JavaScript (ES5 и выше). Уверенное знание основ JavaScript;
  • HTML5, CSS3 (и выше);
  • NodeJs;
  • TypeScript 2.x (и выше);
  • Опыт работы в Agile команде;
  • Понимание работы веб-приложений (HTTP протокол, REST API);
  • Умение проводить качественное код-ревью;
  • Навыки работы с CI/CD (teamcity);
  • Навыки конфигурирования NGINX;
  • Навыки написания unit-тестов.

Reverse Engineer

Проектная занятость


Building the app for gig workers to synthesizes all the data across various apps to become a personal dispatch system (whether looking for work, actively optimizing how they spend time, or trying to understand their financial life).

The company's mission is to build a better gig economy by giving gig workers the tools they need to support their business, helping them earn more and stress less.

Responsibilities and requirements:

  • Understand how a company’s internal APIs work by looking at their apps 
  • Consistently ship user-facing features
  • Read, write, and review design docs for product features and architecture changes
  • Understand and be able to reverse engineer authentication processes both in web and mobile apps
  • Have experience with one or more dynamic or static analysis tools like Frida, Ghidra, IDA Pro, Jadx, etc.
  • It would be nice if you have experience with Typescript and Google Cloud Platform


  • Motivated to make work easier for the millions gig workers
  • Always think the best software solution won’t be designed but iterated
  • You prefer solving two problems reasonably well to solving one problem extremely well

Frontend разработчик (React)


Для крупного банковского проекта (корпоративное направление) требуется Frontend разработчик (React).

Стэк технологий на проекте:

• Бэк –Java/Kotlin + Spring Boot;

• Фронт – Typescript + React.


• Опыт (3- 4 года мин.) разработки пользовательских интерфейсов с использованием JavaScript (ES6),

• Уверенные знания React 16.8 и новее;

• Опыт использования стейт-менеджеров (Redux, MobX, другие) в React-приложениях,

• Уверенные знания знание HTML/CSS/SASS, XML/JSON,

• Опыт работы с препроцессорами SASS, LESS,

• Опыт написания приложений, использующих REST API либо WebSockets,

• Опыт разработки unit-тестов,

• Опыт работы с системой контроля версий git,

• Опыт верстки и оптимизации пользовательских интерфейсов,

• Хорошие коммуникативные качества, умение обосновать выбор того или иного способа решения задачи или выбора технологий.

- Умение грамотно использовать Typescript, настраивать Webpack, Eslint, опыт работы с микрофронтендом, криптографией, Storybook, настройкой CI/CD,

- умение грамотно оформить документацию к разрабатываемому решению, знание стандарта OAuth 2.0, опыт разработки с использованием монорепозиториев (Lerna).


• Работа в команде

• Написание качественного кода

• Взаимодействие с аналитиками, бизнес-заказчиками, тестировщиками, архитекторами и другими участниками рабочих групп;