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Senior iOS Developer


Start date - asap

Work Description:

  • The project is related to developing a charging station for electric cars.
  • As an iOS Software Engineer, you are building a seamless experience for our EV Drivers. Enabling the power of our protocol while presenting a making the interface effortless and simple to use.
  • There are some libraries that we use, but no 3rd “frameworks’. We do use CoreBluetooth & CoreNFC. Swift is the only language anyone should be developing iOS apps these days.


  • Build the Xeal mobile application into a world-class experience for our customers.
  • Work with the product team to craft solutions that improve the user experience.
  • Write well-structured, testable, efficient, and maintainable code
  • Apply cutting-edge research and new developments to daily work.
  • Ensure that our work is ethical and values-driven to create a positive impact on the world.

Preferred Background:

  • Highly skilled with Swift (5+ Years of Experience)
  • Experience developing and deploying highly-polished, complex mobile applications to their representative app stores.
  • Experience with technical leadership of engineering teams including mentorship and coaching.
  • Demonstrated technical design capabilities, architecting complex technical features despite ever-evolving product requirements.
  • Focused on delivering impact and results to the makers and consumers who will benefit from this new ecosystem.
  • Excited about joining an open and honest work environment with supportive, ego-free colleagues committed to solving hard problems.
  • Ability to excel within a faced-paced startup environment.

Working with BLE for native iOS developers

  • Building an SDK from the existing mobile apps - i.e. separating the application logic from the underlying protocol.

Reverse Engineer

Проектная занятость


Building the app for gig workers to synthesizes all the data across various apps to become a personal dispatch system (whether looking for work, actively optimizing how they spend time, or trying to understand their financial life).

The company's mission is to build a better gig economy by giving gig workers the tools they need to support their business, helping them earn more and stress less.

Responsibilities and requirements:

  • Understand how a company’s internal APIs work by looking at their apps 
  • Consistently ship user-facing features
  • Read, write, and review design docs for product features and architecture changes
  • Understand and be able to reverse engineer authentication processes both in web and mobile apps
  • Have experience with one or more dynamic or static analysis tools like Frida, Ghidra, IDA Pro, Jadx, etc.
  • It would be nice if you have experience with Typescript and Google Cloud Platform


  • Motivated to make work easier for the millions gig workers
  • Always think the best software solution won’t be designed but iterated
  • You prefer solving two problems reasonably well to solving one problem extremely well

Incident Manager

Постоянная работа
Looking for a Incident Manager for working on a trading product. Requirements: - 1+ years designing, analyzing, troubleshooting, supporting and resolving issues in a multi-tiered application architecture, especially service-oriented and micro-services architecture requiring 24x7 availability; - Experience with SQL queries; - Basic knowledge of databases: Oracle (Pl/SQL) and/or PostgreSQL; - Basic Linux knowledge (awk, sed, bash, cat, grep, etc.); - Understanding AWS (VPC, EC2, ECS, Route53, S3); - Version control systems: GIT; - Basic knowledge of networks; - Good analytical\troubleshooting skills. Will be a plus: - Linux system, Web servers (Nginx, Tomcat); - Experience with DevOps tools (Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab-CI, Terraform, etc.); - Understanding of JVM’s configuration; - Understanding of REST API, gRPC; - Experience in high-loaded applications implementation; - Experience as a Software Engineer. Financial, Forex, gaming industries preferable; - Experience working with JIRA; - Familiarity with Logstash, Kibana, Elastic Search technologies; - Familiarity with Zabbix or Prometheus; - Understanding how the services work with message brokers (Kafka, SQS/SNS, ESB); - Scripting languages: Bash, Python. Tasks and responsibilities: - To monitor the operation of reporting systems in production, solve current problems and work on improving the operation of systems (find errors in logs, performance drawdowns, detect problems in the interaction of services, analyze application performance metrics and system metrics for host resources on which the application is deployed and create tasks to the development team to fix the problems found). Resolving incidents in the application, analyzing the reasons, organizing interaction with other teams to restore the smooth operation of the application; managing the build, release and customization of the app in production; - Deploying, automating, maintaining, and managing an AWS cloud based environment for availability, performance, scalability, and security; management of dev and QA environments; - Analyse and make recommendations regarding technology improvements, upgrades and modifications.