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Python developеr


Требуется специалист  Python developer.

Необходимый опыт:

  • опыт коммерческой разработки на Python от 3 лет;
  • владение хотя бы одним из фреймворков: AioHttp, Sanic, FastApi, Starlette, Django, Flask, etc.
  • уверенные знания Linux на уровне пользователя.
  • умение писать SQL-запросы без использования ORM.
  • опыт работы с Docker, GitLab CI, OpenShift либо Kubernetes.


  • Опыт разработки CMS/CRM-систем
  • Опыт разработки backend для WYSIWYG

Задачи для специалиста:

  • Выполняет задачи по разработке программных решений в web и мобильных приложениях на основании технических заданий, полученных от функциональных консультантов и в соответствии с регламентами ведения разработок.
  • Разрабатывает unit тесты.
  • Cопровождает, документирует и эксплуатирует разработанные приложения.
  • Оказывает консультации по техническим вопросам в web и мобильных приложениях.
  • Выявляет дефекты и находит причины их возникновения. - Разрабатывает варианты решения проблем и устранения инцидентов и дефектов.
  • Предоставляет периодические отчеты о своей деятельности непосредственному и функциональному руководителям.

Full-stack engineer



The (further) development of software for the purpose of iterative experiment design, data visualisation and connection to the Alb. database.


Backend Components:

Therefore, the software development also requires the design and development connectivity to the Alb. database via REST API as well as the frontend with user interface. The first component of API development is required to be developed using Python and TypeScript as well as serverless technologies based on Azure. Developer will be responsible for creating web application backend components from scratch, which will be exposed as REST Web APIs to frontend. In this role, you should be able to write functional code, which handles data from external REST APIs as well as from NoSQL database.



The second frontend component requires proficiency in AngularJS and TypeScript with the ability to make code design decisions. In addition, the developer has Python development skills, experience in API development and testing as well as in data visualization frameworks like D3.js.


Backlog items will be assigned in Azure DevOps containing business requirements and acceptance criteria.


-       Affiliation of scalable and responsive cloud-based Web application using state-of-the-art frontend engineering practices by:

o  Designing a technical concept, coding, testing and documentation according to the backlog item based on TypeScript and Python [BE]

o  Designing a technical concept, coding, testing and documentation according to the backlog item based on AngularJS and TypeScript [FE]

o  Translation of UI/UX design wireframes to actual code, by developing web user interface components and related tests [FE]

o  Designing and testing of APIs [FE]

o  Implement serverless technologies based on Azure, Azure Cosmos DB as well as Azure Event Hub [BE]

o  Creating web application backend components from scratch, which will be exposed as REST Web APIs to frontend [BE]

o  Write functional code, which handles data from external REST APIs and from NoSQL database [BE]

o  Implementing JWT-based authentication and access token handling [BE]

o  Performing visualization within data visualization frameworks like D3.js [FE]

o  Developing CI/CD build pipelines for the developed web components and takes actions to keep code/systems stable and efficient [BE, FE]

o  Testing including unit, integration, and performance tests [BE, FE]

-       Identify, design, and implement product improvements for the project related tasks according to the discussed backlog [BE, FE]

-       Documentation of technical implementation and related processes in Azure DevOps. Company will validate and approve it [BE, FE]

Security Architect

Постоянная работа

Who are we?

The fintech startup working on the first large-scale e-wallet in region. We aim to provide people with simple and convenient alternative to cash.

Job description

  • Design cloud security architectures and perform architecture design reviews
  • PCI DSS subject matter expert ensuring company’s security architecture is fully PCI compliant
  • Define, prioritize, and measure our efforts in achieving and maintaining public and private cloud security in environments such as AWS working with engineering teams
  • Implement, maintain, and improve existing industry best practices of operational security controls such as:

-Audit mechanisms

-Vulnerability management

-Data classification

-Encryption and data security

  • Continually evaluate new threats in the cloud, to identify the impact on IT and Business to develop and implement security controls
  • Ensure effective coordination between IT Security, Private Cloud, and Infrastructure through collaboration with engineers

Job Requirements

  • Strong foundations in software engineering, specifically at the architectural level
  • Strong foundations in public cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure)
  • Strong foundations in Kubernetes or Kubernetes like environments (stateless services, auto scaling, pod communication)
  • Knowledge of Infrastructure-as-Code and concepts related to automated infrastructure management using tools such as Terraform
  • Knowledge of cloud security best practices including Identity Access Management (IAM), network security, modern cloud security architecture, and platform specific security and governance tools
  • Knowledge with CSPM platform like Wiz Orca etc
  • Knowledge in Service Mesh Architecture
  • Understanding of the ISO 27001/27002, COBIT, and ITIL frameworks are required

Java Developеr


Для работы на крупном банковском проекте ищем специалиста на позицию Java Developer, уровень Senior.

Необходимый опыт и умения:

  • Высшее техническое образование;
  • Опыт разработки на Java EE, Java SE, Java 8;
  • Знание Spring (Data/Web/Boot/Security);
  • Знание Hibernate, Groovy, Git, Gradle, Maven, MQ;
  • Опыт разработки высоконагруженных Web Services (SOAP, REST);
  • Работа с Ignate, Rabbit/Kafka
  • Опыт работы с реляционными СУБД (Oracle, PostgreSQL и др.). Хорошее знание SQL;
  • Нацеленность на результат и системность в работе;
  • Знание основных паттернов проектирования;
  • Опыт построения и реализации архитектур для крупных систем;
  • Приветствуется опыт работы в банковском Процессинговом центре, знание принципов работы, требований и технологий работы платежных систем;
  • Английский язык — техническое чтение и письмо;
  • Аналитический склад ума и структурированность изложения мыслей.

Web Product Manager

Постоянная работа

Looking for a Web Product Manager who is ready to relocate to Montenegro and is able to manage the company’s websites.


  • 5+ years product management of websites (desktop + mobile), end-to-end, B2C;
  • Proof of relevant higher education;
  • Knowledge of internet marketing;
  • Good knowledge of SEO;
  • Understanding of UI/UX;
  • Ability to work with analytical tools (Google analytics, etc.);
  • Agile;
  • Interpersonal skills and developing relationships with team members and customers;
  • Presentation and organizational skills;
  • Working with cross-functional teams;
  • Multitasking;
  • Upper-Intermediate English;
  • Ability to act in the conditions of uncertainty;
  • Fluent Russian is a plus.

Will be a plus:

  • Project Management;
  • Understanding of Forex and crypto trading.


  • Key goal is to increase: conversion from Registration to 1st Deposit for website; number of registrations done via website;
  • Definition of growth points: Product performance measurement (funnels, speed, behavior flow, content drill down, etc.); Market research including AB testing, customer journey, behavior analysis; Customer and Sales feedback getting; Competitive research;
  • Definition of the product roadmap;
  • Management of product backlog;
  • Ongoing interaction with developers (writing requirements, sprints definition, supporting, rollouts);
  • Cooperation with stakeholders and access management;
  • Supporting of product’s users.

Employer-paid relocation to Montenegro.

Backend Developer (Node.js и Express.js)


The project: A web based application that aims to help product development teams organize, analyze and structure their product features.


  • Node.js;
  • Express;
  • Storage: AWS;
  • Database: PostgreSQL;
  • Infrastructure: adept at building and deploying on AWS;
  • Comfortable working in an Agile environment with standard DevOps tools such as Jira, Figma, and Slack.