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This service predominantly specializes in livestock tracking through satellite technology, offering precise animal monitoring capabilities across diverse global environmental conditions.


Stopharass.kz is a platform that shows in which locations in the city harassment occurs more often / less often.

tLab Sandbox

The tLab system is an advanced Anti-APT product for protection against a new type of cyber threat: against zero-day attacks, targeted malicious software (malware) and APT attacks


Rest Framework
Base ML & DA
Sprint Boot

Опыт работы

Software Developer
Django, Celery, Docker, Gitlab CI, AngularJS, UI/UX, Maps, PostGIS
- This service predominantly specializes in livestock tracking through satellite technology, offering preciseanimal monitoring capabilities across diverse global environmental conditions.
Software Developer
Django, DRF, Celery, Docker, Gitlab CI, Vue, UI/UX, Maps
- A platform that shows in which locations in the city harassment occurs more often / less often.
AI Integrator
с 05.2023 - По настоящий момент |NIMBL Academy (Astana Hub)
AI, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, API, FastAPI, OpenAI’s GPT, AWS Lambda, TensorFlow, Keras
I am currently pursuing an AI Integrator specialization at NIMBL Academy (Astana Hub), which is designedto provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of AI integration. Throughout thecourse, I have gained a strong foundation in AI technologies such as natural language processing, computervision, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning frameworks. My expected completion date for thiscourse is December 2023, and I am excited to continue expanding my skills in AI integration to contribute tofuture projects and opportunities. So far, I've completed several projects, including: - Utilized Python libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib / Seaborn to clean, manipulate, visualizedata and performed basic data preparation and EDA. - Developed an ML model that predicts whether a person has diabetes or not. - Deployed the model both as Streamlit app and API using FastAPI. - Trained an image classification model using TensorFlow and Keras both from scratch and using pre-trained models. - Deployed the TensorFlow Lite image classification model as an API on AWS Lambda. - Developed simple chat app using langchain and OpenAI’s GPT.
Senior Software Developer
07.2016 - 10.2023 |T&T Security
Golang, Python / Django, Java / Sprint Boot, SQL
Responsibilities: - Software Design and Development - System Monitoring and Maintenance as Support Engineer Achievements: - Designed and Implemented Backend Core of an advanced Anti-APT solution (tLab) - Built a reliable Mail Security Solution (10M+ messages processed to date) - Successfully implemented tLab Integration with products from Check Point and Trend Micro - Successfully implemented tLab Integration with various SIEM systems
Technical Lead
с 05.2015 - По настоящий момент |Institute of Human Safety
Django, Celery, DRF, Vue 3, Quasar 2, Linux, Docker, Grafana, Gitlab, CI/CD
Since 2015 a project "Medical System SOS" turned from startup into a growing business. This remarkablejourney stands as a testament to my leadership as a Tech Lead, demonstrating the evolution of my expertisein Python and Django. - Successfully managed multiple framework migrations, taking the project from its initial version (1.8.1) tothe latest version (4.2) over the years. - Implemented efficient Celery tasks with multiple workers and queues. - Significantly improved application performance by optimizing DB queries and introducing caching. - Successfully implemented reporting (PDF, Excel and HTML reports), adding valuable functionality to theproject. - Transitioned from manual deployments to seamless CI/CD pipelines, ensuring a more reliable andautomated release process. - Successfully migrated from plain app to containerized app using Docker - Significantly reduced error rate by implementing error and log monitoring. - Currently, working on transitioning to ASGI, which will further optimize the application for highconcurrency and real-time functionality. - Currently, working on the migration of the project to a Cloud-based infrastructure.


Computer Science (Магистр)
2015 - 2017
L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University


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