Backend Programmer, Python

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We are seeking a talented Backend programmer to join our team and finish developing a tool that will completely rock the media industry. Must have coding knowledge Linux Nginx Python/django Postgresql Additional respect: Motivated by more than money. Ideally, you love the idea of creating a great product to be used all over the world. Presence in open-source. You have a list of your own coding on platforms like Github, and you have participated on more or less large projects. Online presence. You have a decent rating on StackOverflow; publications on your own blog, etc. You are able to test. Writing e2e-tests / unit tests. Experience with Agile. You can share with us your experience of Scrum/Kanban, user stories, planning poker, etc. to improve the team. is the global network for the media industry, strengthening independent journalism and helping media outlets better inform the public about the news that matters. Consider it MoiKrug for the media industry. The network connects over 6000 journalists, fixers, photographers, videographers, editors and experts in 130 countries. This way journalists can earn a living specializing in an area, media outlets can more easily and cost-effectively produce original content, and companies can find talented professionals to help them produce content. We also have a partnership with a few other companies to help aggregate freelance jobs. This way if we don't have enough work at one point in time, we can bring in other opportunities for the candidate. We're also looking for a good backend, so if you have a mate that you love working with (and they are also super talented), we could take them on too. We're a pretty cool team. And like to have fun, so we'll be a pretty big plus. English speaking is a big bonus. We speak Russian, so you can survive, but we want someone who will thrive, not just survive.