iOS / Android developer with React Native experience, Blockchain

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Hi there, I’m Eugene, full-stack developer and tech lead at Santiment Would you like to be a remote full-timer who gets regular payments in USD for work in the blockchain finance industry? Then great, we want to talk to you. I am looking for an independent, self-sufficient native iOS or Android developer with React Native experience to join my team and do 100% remote work on the future of blockchain finance. Reliability is a must; We need you to say what you mean and mean what you say… that means you’ll take the initiative to complete the task. In exchange we’ll train you in a whole new set of finance, blockchain, and software architecture-related skills. Want to learn something else? We’ll help you achieve your full potential and learn that too. You’d be joining an international team, so reading and writing English is a necessity. Annual team travels are part of the deal (last time we went to Munich, and the time before to Hamburg). Requirements React Native, JS, ES6, ES7 (we use MobX and decorators) Android, Java 6. Kotlin is a plus (Android devs only) iOS, Swift 3+. Objective-C is a plus (iOS devs only) React Native’s Native Modules. Knowledge how to expose native frameworks to React Native (e. g. iOS Charts and MPAndroidChart). There is a [universal wrapper]( for both of them. One of the tasks will be to fix it’s bugs and make it work. English. Reading/writing is a must. Speaking/listening is a plus. The team is international. Good to have Experience working with financial charts is a big plus. Native iOS development experience is a big plus. Understanding how CI + open source build process works. E.g. no API keys in the repo ever. Ability to configure build environments (dev, staging, prod) in Gradle. Fascination with Blockchain and Fintech industries, as well as with trading or sentiment analysis. About us Forbes Already funded blockchain project, backed by a community of crypto investors and traders. The project team are also investors and traders. Interest in trading is supported and there is a lot of experienced people to learn from The team is highly professional and covers every field starting from business, marketing and law to UI design, usability and illustrations to software architecture, backend & mobile development, PhD in Math and machine learning. Whatever help you may need, we’ve got you covered. We are super-friendly. The comfort of every team member is an important part of our culture. This is a communal project, designed for the benefit of everyone involved. The team is small, currently around 12 people. We prefer to have small number of highly skilled self-sufficient professionals. We do our development in the open. Most of our projects are and will be open source and accessible on github. Salary range: $2500-$3000 / month Our technology stack Mobile: React Native, JS, MobX, Native Modules for charting Backend: AWS, Serverless, NodeJS Machine Learning: Python, Tensorflow Blockchain: Ethereum, Solidity Бонусы Annual paid team travels. Regular stable salary in USD. Cutting-edge technologies to use. Fast-moving no-bureaucracy startup environment. You can just mention CEO in Slack and ask him whatever you want. Highly-experienced team which is always ready to help and share knowledge. You are welcome to help on whatever part of the project you wish, as long as you have your main area covered. Open Source. You can just show anyone the whole codebase you are working on. Trading and investment education. Most of us are either traders or investors and we are willing to share our experience with you. 100% remote distributed team. We are from all over the world, including Germany, Portugal, Canada, USA, China, Bulgaria, Russia and Belarus. You'll meet a lot of unique people of different cultures. Comfort. Everyone in the team including CEO cares about everyone else. We help each other solve both work-related and personal problems and try to make our collaboration as comfortable as possible. We expect the same from you. Дополнительные инструкции How to apply Send an email to Tell us about yourself: Where are you from? What kind of experience you have? What exciting projects you’ve already shipped? Did you do something similar in any way to what we are already doing? Do you have code samples you can show us?