Reverse Engineer

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Building the app for gig workers to synthesizes all the data across various apps to become a personal dispatch system (whether looking for work, actively optimizing how they spend time, or trying to understand their financial life).

The company's mission is to build a better gig economy by giving gig workers the tools they need to support their business, helping them earn more and stress less.

Responsibilities and requirements:

  • Understand how a company’s internal APIs work by looking at their apps 
  • Consistently ship user-facing features
  • Read, write, and review design docs for product features and architecture changes
  • Understand and be able to reverse engineer authentication processes both in web and mobile apps
  • Have experience with one or more dynamic or static analysis tools like Frida, Ghidra, IDA Pro, Jadx, etc.
  • It would be nice if you have experience with Typescript and Google Cloud Platform


  • Motivated to make work easier for the millions gig workers
  • Always think the best software solution won’t be designed but iterated
  • You prefer solving two problems reasonably well to solving one problem extremely well