Sales Representative (Seedbox & Hosting Provider)

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Hi, We are a Seedbox & Hosting company and we are hiring our next sales rockstar. We are looking for a nice skilled sales guy with a positive "sure! I can close that sale." attitude to join our small team. You need to have previous sales experience and you need to be technical to apply for this position. This position is remote so you need to be able to work independently. Our requirements: Speak and understand English completely fluently (voice and writing.) Has a great English accent! Great experience with selling commercial products. Technical person. Linux and IT knowledge. Ability to work from home without distraction. Ability to respond promptly and politely. Good decision-making skills. Skype. Very stable internet connection. Flexible time schedule, able to work either morning or evening Our requests: Please include a short summary of your experience. We want to hear as broadly as possible your experience when it comes to technical things, as this is a technical position. Please include a paragraph of why we should choose you to our company. Why are you the best? Please write "salestiger" as the first word of your email, to make sure you really read this job description. Please respond to this job application only in English, as we are looking for very good English skills and would want to make the communication in the English language. Why Join RapidSeedbox Team? Opportunity to grow. There is plenty to learn and we are relatively a young and small company with the ability to learn a lot. Very similar to a start-up. Opportunity to work from home. We do not have any physical office and are looking for home based people to join our company. Work from anywhere, as long as you get the job done. Have Fun! Your job should be fun & worthwhile, isn’t it? We firmly believe that, and we encourage you to do things you love & enjoy while having lots of fun. Earn residual income for life for every sale you make, as long as the customer remains with us. Please include past references and employers in your application.