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Denis Bystruev

Специализация: iOS developer


Get Outfit App

Lead developer for iOS client and PostgreSQL backend. Mentor for junior iOS developer for past 3 months.

Tadam — where to go

iOS Developer. Worked with product, backend developer, and designer to add new features. Worked with testers to fix bugs.

AR Space

Taught the main developer iOS programming. Worked with the customer to find the matching skills among my students. Mentoring the project.


App Architecture
Apple Swift
Human Interface Guidelines
Interface Builder
iOS App Development
iOS Networking

Опыт работы

CTO / iOS Developer / Backend Developer
с 03.2021 - По настоящий момент |Get Outfit / Concept Group
iOS, Swift, UIKit, PostgreSQL, PostgREST
iOS and backend developer of fashion app Get Outfit. Collecting inputs from business customers (CEO, Marketing, Head of Style) and transferring them to code. Bring Figma designs to life. Test the app, upload it to App Store, publish TestFlight beta versions.
iOS Developer
07.2020 - 03.2021 |Tadam
iOS, Swift, UIKit
iOS Developer. Taking tasks from product manager and converting them to code. Working with designer to implement PDF and Figma designs. Working with backend developer to discuss and implement new features. Taking testers inputs to fix bugs. Publishing in TestFlight and final versions in the App Store.
Freelance iOS developer
01.2017 - 03.2021 |A number of freelance iOS jobs ranging from animating shoes in AR to fixing restaurant app
AVFAudio, ARKit, AVKit, Algorithms, AppsFlyerLib, CoreLocation, FBSDKCoreKit, Firebase, FirebaseMessaging, Foundation, IBPCollectionViewCompositionalLayout, LegacyCoreKit, MapKit, NotificationCenter, UIKit
Discussing the requirements with the customer, sizing the cost and time required to implement the solution, implementing the apps / fixes as agreed, publishing the results


App Development with Swift
2015 - 2016
Apple iBooks
Computer Science (Магистр)
1989 - 1994
Moscow State University, Cybernetics Faculty


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