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Arttwork is a marketplace for artists and collectors to sell and buy artwork online. The mission of the Arttwork is to discover an art by artists from around the world to suit all budgets, styles, and spaces. Allows automatically track art sales and top collectors all in one place. From the founder: Thanks to the Zeroqode team for bringing my idea into reality.All the way the long professional team was by our side with tips and advice on how we can improve. I am very proud of the end result. To sum it up, a partnership with Zeroqode is less costly, absolutely friendly, and fully professional.


From the founder Fiona: "The Zeroqode team of developers supported Intermix Workforce to enhance the app with key features such as creating project milestones, workflows, video plugins that loaded images into a black and white format, which look great! They also implemented a number of other amazing design aspects that were highly technical but nothing was too hard for the dev team. Brilliant professional work received and thankful to have the team work with us to achieve the amazing results for www.intermixworkforce.com. "


GoodCourse is a platform for 2.7bn employees - over 80% of the workforce - who don't work at a computer. To bring them into the learning ecosystem, meet them where they are. Social media has changed the way we consume content and information. Traditional hours-long training won't cut it anymore.