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Single platform for beer lovers, breweries distributors, beer shops, and pubs. Venues publish beer lists online, notify users about new beers, process orders. Consumers can watch favorite breweries, discover venues and events. 250+ venues in 30+ cities (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia) update beer lists daily, 30000+ beers, 15000+ click-and-collect orders processed starting from May 2020. My achievements: — Created solution's architecture (backend and frontend) in line with the latest Laravel and Vue.js development trends — Implemented Laravel JSON API for mobile, web, and 3rd party integrations — Optimized the application for maximum speed and scalability — Implemented Untappd API allowing the user to sync history of check-ins — Integrated Leaflet API allowing the user to search bars and shops on the map — Provided guidance on solution requirements, technical design, integration architecture, and provided recommendations to improve solution’s performance


Ultra-Music is a music label and an online magazine. It introduces new bands, adds them an ability to present and promote their releases on the local and international market. Organizers could announce events and sell tickets via Ultra-Music. My achievements: — Developed a modern and dynamic user interface of the website with Vue.js — Implemented a powerful system of WordPress custom post types and custom fields — Developed event calendar with support of custom taxonomies for filtering posts by venues, dates, styles and ability to add and edit events by authenticated users — Created a custom poll system with logging additional information about voters and preventing driving up the votes — Developed a set of reusable post blocks to simplify the work of the editors — Implemented integration with local ticket providers — Designed and implemented a custom music player integrated with Soundcloud


Sur.ly — service for altering the outbound links on websites and analyzing the traffic. Sur.ly alters the outbound links so that visitors can get to external target pages without leaving the website. Sur.ly could replace the outbound links (except for whitelisted links) with the links leading to the subdomain, so when users follow these links, they will see the external target pages while technically staying within the domain. My achievements: — Developed plugins for different CMS and web frameworks — Created special toolbars and widgets for websites using sur.ly — Optimized the application for maximum speed and scalability — Developed A/B tests for checking CTR and controlling other parameters — Participated in daily meetings, analyzed user stories, identified and resolved gaps in user stories/business requirements — Writing guides for webmasters and documentation for developers



Опыт работы

Senior PHP DeveloperSenior
- 10.2012|Onliner.by
PHP (Zend Framework, Kohana, WordPress), MySQL, JavaScript
Software Engineer
12.2017 - 09.2021|OneStar OÜ
PHP (Laravel, WordPress), MySQL, HTML, SCSS (Bootstrap), JS (Vue.js, jQuery)
Software EngineerSoftware
08.2015 - 12.2017|VicMan
PHP, MySQL (Percona MySQL), JS


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2004 - 2010
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