SAP TM Consultant

Оплата: По договоренности


  • Customer wants to plan transports with TM --> Change of various interfaces to the service provider.
  • Big issue here are freight costs: customer sends the calculated and accepted ones to the service provider; the latter has to confirm or change them --> therefore a matrix has to be maintained per service provider (post number, weight, volume, distance etc.)
  • each service provider therefore has a matrix that is accessed
  • No uniform logic "Therefore there is a matrix for each service provider, but in total there are also different logics for all service providers".

Example: one has full truck load per relation, the other does general cargo and has postcode freight weight, the other postcode volume, etc. 

  • Worldwide approx. 1000 forwarders and an estimated 50 logics --> communication with interface important here.
  • The freight rates are then used for the automatic invoice verification and for the internal profit and loss account.



  • Several years of project experience with SAP TM
  • Very good knowledge of English