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The ScrumMaster will be ScrumMastering two teams. My ultimate goal is to foster self-organization and an effective team environment. To begin with, they will need to cover the basics - helping with Jira, running daily standups, organizing the sprint review, and managing the team calendars. Over time I would like it to include a more active role in promoting team trust, constructive conflict, and a greater feeling of team ownership of their work. This is a very bare-bones description of the basics of the ScrumMaster role, I see a need to work with the teams to improve their processes so that, for instance, they demo their work to QA, not just assign a Jira ticket to them. Things like that which can happen throughout the day. 2 команды в каждой по: 1 фронтенд 4 бэкенд 1 qa 1 devops Cтек: react, python, mysql, kubernetes, aws, github, jira