UI/UX designer

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The company provides high quality LiDAR products for people’s safety, physical security in different directions.

The objective is to combine our sensor coverage tool into a new application and evaluate whether that should be browser based or remain standalone.

- The sensor coverage helps plan the layout of a site. It is currently Python and not very refined as it was originally just an internal tool.

- There's is an alignment and sensor discovery, troubleshooting tool. It is C++/Qt. It does its job pretty well but has some limitations at scale and needs refinement for smoother UX.

- Flow Management Platform is used to configure and monitor the Server. It is C++/Qt. It has become quite clunky as features have been added over time and could use a redesign of the UX.

Combining them would make the flow involve just one app. On top of those things, there are some big convenience features that would really help:

- Sensor discovery whether sensor is in static or dynamic mode. We are not certain this is possible and it would require sensor changes but we think security cameras do this.

- Sensor configuration and firmware update from the app. This currently requires going to each sensor's web page and manually configuring.

- A walkthrough/wizard to help move through the whole flow.

These are the high level requirements - atop these, we have a number of very specific improvements we would like to make.