Актуальные заказы по Linux kernel

Senior C++/Linux developer

NatSys Lab. is looking for senior C++/Linux developer for long term remote position. You'll be developing new feature for transactional multi-versioning database engine and your code will be in main tree of popular open source DBMS. You will work remotely with flexible schedule; there is no central office, and most people work from their homes. To be successful in this position, you need to: have significant experience in C/Linux development, C++ experience is appreciated; have experience in development of large complex, preferably open source, project (e.g. deep modifications of Linux or FreeBSD kernel, Apache HTTPD, Nginx, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc.); be fluent with classic algorithms and data structures; know advanced synchronization approaches, lock-free algorithms are appreciated; understand modern OS internals. Desirable skills that would be a plus: Experience with DBMS or filesystem development; Good knowledge of Bash, Perl and/or Python for development of simple testing and system administration scripts;