Актуальные заказы по MLlib

Data Science Team Leader


The project - a platform for creating and publishing content on social media using artificial intelligence tools is looking for a  Data Science Team Leader with a focus on generative models (m/f).


— Study and transform data science prototypes.

— Research and implement appropriate ML algorithms and tools.

— Design machine learning systems.

— Develop machine learning applications according to requirements.

— Know the SOTA in the field of generative technologies and be able to reproduce key experiments.

— Develop prototypes based on generative models for multimodal content (text, images, video).

— Develop and implement a pipeline of product integration for successful prototypes.

— Manage a team of machine learners to plan, implement and support new technologic solutions.

— Understand how certain product features impact business results.


— Previous experience efficiently conducting research and creating ad hoc generative prototypes.

— Previous experience in the management of RnD teams.

— A strong background in probability theory and statistics, data mining, and machine learning.

— Proficiency in Python and proven experience using popular ML packages (PyTorch, TensorFlow, huggingface,etc).

— Deliver your work to production as a stand-alone microservice.

— Be enthusiastic about DS and stay up to date with SotA Machine Learning algorithms and developments.

— Be eager to help your teammates, share your knowledge with them, and learn from them.

— Be able to write production code.

— Be open to receiving constructive feedback.

— Academic papers at major ML conferences is a plus.

— Experience as a CTO in a start-up is a plus.