Актуальные заказы по Marketing

Business Intelligence / Data Visualization Engineer


Multinational company - leader in digital services is seeking an experienced Business Intelligence / Data Visualization Engineer to join a team passionate about data science and delivering cutting-edge visualizations & insights across the entire portfolio.

About the company:

The team’s culture is centered around rapid iteration with open feedback and debate along the way. They encourage independent decision-making and taking calculated risks. Data Science & Analytics collaborates with partners across product, design, engineering, marketing, editorial, and business teams. They produce insights to drive decisions that enhance the customer experience, accelerate growth, and uncover new business opportunities while respecting user privacy.

About the project:

This role will require working with internet-scale data across numerous product and customer touchpoints, undertaking in-depth quantitative analysis, and distilling data into actionable and intuitive visualizations to drive informed decision-making across all levels of the company.

Job Description:

  • Build dashboards, self-service tools, and reports to analyze and present data associated with customer experience, product performance, business operations, and strategic decision-making.
  • Create datasets, Develop global dashboards, data pipelines, sophisticated security controls, and scalable ad-hoc reporting
  • Closely partner with the Data Science team to define metrics, datasets, and automation strategy.

Key Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience in a Data Visualization, Data Scientist, or Data Analyst role, preferably for a digital subscription business.
  • Strong proficiency with SQL-based languages is required. Experience with large-scale data technologies such as Hadoop, PySpark
  • Proficiency with data visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, and Microstrategy for analysis, insight synthesis, data product delivery, and executive presentation.


  • Curious business mindset with an ability to condense complex concepts and analysis into clear and concise takeaways that drive action.
  • Excellent communication, social, and presentation skills with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Strong time management skills with the ability to handle multiple projects with tight deadlines and executive visibility.
  • Be known for successfully bridging analytics and business teams, with an ability to speak the language of both.
  • Able to communicate and collaborate across many different teams, has an agile approach to solve challenging problems quickly, and stresses the details.

Robotics Perception Engineer


Company and project

The company operates with the vision to be the leader in making robots more accessible to anyone, wilt the leading role of the pick-assist market in Japan.

With the recent launch of the company, a product the specialist will be closely working on, is redefined Autonomous Storage and Retrieval Systems, blending top-tier performance with unmatched adaptability. With state-of-the-art technology on multi-robot systems, a strong customer base and the financial backing from industry titans like Goldman Sachs, Sony, they invite a strong specialist to join the team in sculpting the future of robotics.


  • Design and implement perception features for warehouse robots
  • Work closely with the hardware team to choose the best sensors and compute for our robots
  • Develop proof of concepts to demonstrate the value added by robotic perception to customers
  • Work with the team to integrate perception features with the rest of the robotics software stack


  • Strong background in classical computer vision
  • Strong background in robotics software engineering, specifically ROS
  • Python and C++ programming skills
  • Background in Machine Learning for computer vision
  • Demonstrable experience in developing real world computer vision applications
  • Solid understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • Strong analytical and debugging skills
  • Ability to build and deliver hands-on technology, proof of concepts, and demonstrations
  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Experience developing in a Linux/Unix environment

Preferred skills

  • Able to pick up new technologies on the fly
  • Basic familiarity with game engines is a plus
  • Willingness to look beyond just perception components and analyse the entire system and suggest improvements
  • Good communication skills, able to present their work to non-technical audiences

Service Administrator


An international powerhouse in the online trading industry with over 25 years of financial markets expertise is looking for a Service Administrator to join the team in Montenegro. In this role, you should have excellent problem-solving skills, proficiency in administrating OS Windows, Apple Mac and iOS expertise.


- Excellent knowledge of PC/laptop components, experience of assembling PC/laptop;

- Running hardware and office equipment diagnostics, maintenance and troubleshooting;

- Proficient administrator OS Windows;

- Office’ IT Infrastructure maintenance;

- Wireless network installation and maintenance;

- Experience in installation and maintenance SCS (structured cable system);

- Experience in coordinating with hardware vendors and service providers;

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

- Strong team player – collaborates well with others to solve problems and actively incorporates input from various sources

- Demonstrated customer focus

- Builds strong customer relationships and creates processes with customer viewpoint

- Strong analytical skills – strong problem solving skills, communicates in a clear manner and · effectively evaluates information / data to make decisions

- Anticipates obstacles and develops plans to resolve

- Broad understanding of IT Infrastructure and support processes

- Apple Mac and iOS expertise

- Strong track record of understanding and interest in current and emerging technologies demonstrated through training, job experience and / or industry activities

- Change oriented – actively generates process improvements

- Supports and drives change, and confronts difficult circumstances in creative ways

Computer and special software skills:

- IT experience from 3 years old 

- Professional IT area education or relevant experience

- Windows family user and administrator knowledge/experience

- Citrix service

- TCP/IP knowledge and work experience

- PC Desktop/Laptop hardware knowledge at professional level

- Basic knowledge of monitoring systems and strategies

- Basic knowledge of recovery systems and strategies

- Knowledge with SQL queries for databases

- Basic knowledge in ITSM / ITIL. Atlassian products knowledge is a plus

- Customer focusing. Politeness, loyalty in any aspect

- Resistance to stress, ability to work under pressure

- Familiarity Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL) is a plus

- Familiarity writing scripts (at least one: PHP, JS, Bash, Visual Basic) is a plus

- Basic knowledge of GSuite

English language knowledge working level both oral and written (intermediate level minimum). TOEFL or IELTS certificates are a plus.


- Preparing and support workplaces in the offices and remote

- Participation in projects for repair offices and open new ones

- Fixing incidents with OLA (operating level agreement) conditions otherwise escalate it to the next level support

- Users support for any IT problem via any communication method (face-to-face, skype, phone, voIP, im, mail, Service Desk system) with high loyalty to the VIP consumers

- Maintain documentation (knowledge database) among entire support team, keep it up to date, create Standard Operating Procedures

- Collaboration with service providers

- Report on progress in Service Desk system

- Software support: installation, recovery, consultancy

- Deliver local IT support & proximity services (incident & Service Requests)

- Resolve backlog for incidents & SRs, report progress to end users and track root cause analysis

- Installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems hardware and related infrastructure (amount of PCs – 400 +)/ troubleshooting (Windows 10 - 11, Chrome OS and MacOS)

- Preparing and support Citrix workplaces

- Carry out maintenance work of hardware and ensure that system hardware, operating systems work properly

- Keep hardware equipment inventory list up to date in database CMDB

- Hardware and software upgrade when necessary

- System’s and application software troubleshooting when necessary

- Video conferencing support - ZOOM, Google Meet, etc.

- Work closely with hardware vendors and service providers (quality assurance of services provided)

- Writing User manuals for internal employees

- LAN and VoIP support

- Maintain and support existing servers

- Participation in various IT projects

- Work from office in the Podgorica

- Other senior management orders\assignments

Technical Support Associate


An international company with over 25 years of financial markets expertise is looking for a Technical Support Associate to join the team in Montenegro.

In this role, you should have excellent problem-solving skills and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You're the total match if you are a strong team player and able to collaborate well with others to solve problems and actively incorporate input from various sources and have demonstrated customer focus.


  • Customer focusing. Politeness, loyalty in any aspect.
  • Ability to build strong customer relationships and creates processes with customer viewpoint.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Able to communicate in a clear manner.
  • Effectively evaluate information / data to make decisions.
  • Anticipates obstacles and develops plans to resolve.
  • Broad understanding of IT Infrastructure and support processes.
  • Strong track record of understanding and interest in current and emerging technologies demonstrated through training, job experience and / or industry activities.
  • Change oriented – actively generate process improvements.
  • Supports and drive change, and confront difficult circumstances in creative ways.
  • Professional IT area education or relevant experience.
  • Windows family user and administrator knowledge or experience.
  • Basic knowledge of networking.
  • PC Desktop and Laptop hardware knowledge at professional level.
  • Basic knowledge of monitoring systems and strategies.
  • Basic knowledge of recovery systems and strategies.
  • Basic knowledge in ITSM and ITIL. Atlassian products knowledge is a plus.
  • Nice to have work experience in programming.
  • Familiarity writing scripts (at least one: Python, JavaScript, Bash).
  • Familiarity with Dynatrace, Zabbix, Git, Jira, would be a good benefit.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science or Engineering from an accredited university or college.
  • English language knowledge working level both oral and written (intermediate level minimum).

Продуктовый аналитик (Senior)


В отдел аналитики крупного банка ищем специалиста, который отлично разбирается в задачах маркетинговой и продуктовой аналитики в мобайле.

Тип аналитика: data engineer/маркетинговый/продуктовый/веб-аналитик


● В первую очередь перед человеком на этой позиции стоит задача объединения данных внутреннего хранилища и системы продуктовой аналитики для формирования сквозной отчетности по ключевым продуктам банка, а также построение маркетинговой отчетности по коммуникациям в мобильном приложении.

● Поддержка текущих и настройка новых интеграций для формирования инфраструктуры маркетинговой и продуктовой аналитики, формирование витрин данных и автоматизированной отчетности для получения сквозных воронок и отчетов по мобильным кампаниям.

● Выработка регламентов/гайдлайнов по разметке маркетинговых коммуникаций в мобайле.

● Разработка подходов к построению отчетов для сквозной отчетности по продуктам банка. Что нужно делать:

● Сформировать витрины внутренних данных для матчинга с данными in-app аналитики и разработать end-to-end отчетность для продуктов банка.

● Провести аудит текущих подходов к разметке ссылок на установку/открытие приложения и разработать регламент/гайдлайн на разметку коммуникаций в мобайле.

● Сформировать подход и организовать ведение актуальной документации по разметке кампаний.

● Выработать подход к формированию набора метрик и методик их расчета для анализа источников трафика в мобильном приложении и сформировать наборы метрик для конкретных продуктов банка. Выработать единый подход к построению отчетов по основным метрикам: наборы метрик, скрипты, макеты отчетов.

● Проработка и внедрение в постоянное использование методов и инструментов сквозной и маркетинговой аналитики (матчинг данных, различные модели атрибуции и пр.)

● Регулярный аудит качества и полноты разметки коммуникаций (наличие и соответствие регламенту), а также матчинга онлайн и офлайн данных.

● Построение отчетов по продуктам банка.

Необходимый опыт:

● Опыт работы в маркетинговой и/или продуктовой аналитике от 3-х лет.

● Знание и практический опыт решения основных задач продуктовой и маркетинговой аналитики. Понимание специфики рекламных инструментов в digital-маркетинге.

● Глубокое понимание принципов и ограничений в сборе и обмене данными в системах мобильной, веб-аналитики, а также рекламных систем.

● Опыт построения сквозной аналитики, ETL-процессов в интернет-маркетинге и продуктовой аналитике.

● Опыт применения best practices по интеграции данных в интернет-маркетинге и умение аргументировать принимаемые решения. Технические навыки

● Опыт работы с одной или несколькими системами: ○ системы аналитики: Appsflyer, myTracker, Firebase, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Яндекс.Метрика, AppMetrica или аналогами, ○ облачные хранилища: Google Cloud Storage, Yandex.Cloud или аналоги, ○ рекламные системы: Google Marketing Platform, рекламные продукты Яндекса.

● Опыт работы с API систем аналитики и рекламных систем.

● Опыт построения автоматизированной отчетности: от сбора, хранения, подготовки данных до построения отчетов/дашбордов и проведения анализа данных.

● Уверенное владение SQL и опыт работы с базами данных (Oracle, Vertica, Hadoop).

● Знание инструментов для автоматизации сбора, статистической обработки сырых данных (R/Python).

Генеральный директор



Быстрорастущая розничная лабораторная сеть, на данный момент насчитывающая 13 собственных клиник в Москве и несколько технологических площадок.

Основные задачи

  • Разработка стратегии развития бренда, включая маркетинговую стратегию, географической экспансии.
  • Формирование и продвижение позиционирования бренда на рынке, включая определение окончательной целевой аудитории (с выявлением ключевых и второстепенных потребностей, а также с последующей адаптацией продукта), восприятия бренда и его ценностей.
  • Разработка стратегии развития текущих офисов и открытия новых офисов, включая разработку стандартных операционных процедур, связанных с развитием и продвижением офисов.
  • Бюджетирование и контроль за его выполнением, в том числе базовое финансовое планирование и аудит финансовых моделей
  • Разработка программы франчайзинга, а также ее дальнейшее продвижение.
  • Контроль за исполнением и внедрением инициатив стратегий (маркетинг, франшиза).


  • Опыт в аналогичной должности не менее 3-х лет. Приветствуется опыт в быстрорастущей компании из ритейл-индустрии.
  • Предпринимательский опыт - в идеале, достижение финансового успеха компании на федеральном уровне с нуля/со стадии стартапа, также подходит опыт масштабирования внутри уже существующей компании при наличии предпринимательского опыта (наличие Entrepreneur опыта).
  • Опыт формирования high-performing team с нуля и быстрым масштабированием команды. Навыки РМО.
  • Понимание корпоративных финансов, форматов отчетностей. Наличие опыта работы в проектами с инвесторами и/или опыт взаимодействия с инвестиционными фондами.
  • Практические знания в digital маркетинге, офлайн продвижении, включая BTL, ATL, TTL каналы.
  • Опыт создания и масштабирования сети по франчайзинговой модели.
  • Опыт в формирования СОПов и их применение и масштабирование.
  • Опыт взаимодействия с контролирующими и лицензирующими органами.
  • Понимание и применение принципов продуктового мышления.
  • Понимание базовых принципов дизайна продукта, а также дизайна интерфейсов (мобильные приложения, сайт, интерфейсы онлайн и оффлайн коммуникации с потребителем и так далее).
  • Понимание принципов работы наиболее популярных framework’ов для разработки и пилотирования продуктов: Tilda, Meteor или другие nocode интерфейсы.
  • Продвинутый пользователь MS Office.
  • Базовое понимание корпоративных финансов, форматов отчетностей.

Lead Java developer


Who we are looking for Server software expert (Java 11+, Spring Boot, Maven / Gradle, Junit, Mockito, SQL / ORM)

Certain responsibilities that involve development and deployment of strategic products

5 reasons why you would like to work with us

1. Fintech

Unique domain area that contains lots of interesting tasks.

Real Highload - estimated number of unique users per day is expected to be 5 million people.

Increased requirements for security and fault tolerance of the solution.

We are creating a payment method which means that the Platform we are creating must be available 24/7/365.

At the same time, we are constantly testing new product hypotheses, so we are focused on the "purity" of the solutions created and the internal quality of the code.

2. Real product development

We are developing a product that is very important in daily life of people.

You can tell your mom what you're working on, and she'll not only understand you, but she'll be happy that you're solving real problems of real people.

Each sprint we fulfill a business goal - we actively test business hypotheses.

What you do today will be sold tomorrow by a sales specialist, you will be fully integrated with the business team.

You can influence the product and we need such proactive people. We have a flat structure and open communication.

3. We develop – we launch.

We are engaged not only in development, but also in operation.

We build and develop a mature DevOps process; system engineers are part of our development team.

You will develop the ability to think about how your solution will behave in operation.

4. Mature Scrum process, no “inventing the wheel”

We work with Scrum; we scale Scrum with LeSS.

This means we work in small, long-lived product feature teams.

You will work hand-in-hand with colleagues from other disciplines to get the job delivered.

We practice swarming - we are constantly communicate online with other team members.

Participation in our teams involves T-shaping, you can painlessly and comfortably master related specialties.

You won't be left alone with process issues - we have one scrum master for every three teams.

You will influence the effectiveness of the team, avoiding unnecessary losses, influence the process as a whole.

5. A real startup with all it entails

A unique experience that will be useful to you in the future if you are going to create your own startup.

We go through all phases of development, from finding early followers to launching marketing campaigns.

This is a startup, not an enterprise - minimum bureaucracy, open communications, a culture of errors and security.

International multicultural mature team with average team member age of 30.

How about building together an alternative financial ecosystem in one single country with the potential to scale into Asian markets?

Would you like to digitize oriental bazaars with us?

We are creating a new payment method, an alternative to cash and plastic cards, with our own unique set of financial instruments aimed at ordinary people.

We are looking for

A person who can take responsibility for the quality of the backend code and the efficiency of the backend developers.

A backend development expert (Java 11+, Event Driven Microservices on Spring's stack).

Experience, Competencies and Skills Required

  • Participation in the design of platform components, audit of design solutions offered by other developers
  • Selection of technologies and tools for development and operation, we profess the “you code it you run it” approach
  • Expert leadership of the backend developer community - coaching, implementation of effective development practices, facilitation, design sessions
  • Development of code conventions and responsibility for their implementation by the community of backend developers
  • Identification of problems and wastes in the work of backend developers
  • Collaboration with the Scrum Master service to improve current processes and practices
  • Of course, you will write code, both purely technological parts of the system and product features.