Актуальные заказы по Full Stack

Full-Stack developers


We are looking for Full-Stack developers with the following requirements:

- 3+ years (ideally 5+ years) of experience as a Full-Stack software engineer

- Strong knowledge of JavaScript and its execution environments (both server-side and client-side)

- Experience with front-end JavaScript frameworks and libraries (Vue.js is a big plus)

- Experience with messaging systems (Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc.) and understand concepts like concurrency and transaction management

- Experience with establishing and managing relational and/or NoSQL databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, MongoDB)

- Experience with the Docker and its orchestration tools (k8s, docker-compose)

- Understanding of basic primitives in Web3 (DAO, NFT, FT etc.)

- Understanding of fundamental principles in cryptography

- Be comfortable with the modern stack and common standarts in Web3 (web3.js, ERC-20, ERC-721, near-api-js, NEP-141, NEP-171, client-side private key management, etc.)

- Writing extensive comments, documentation, design flow diagrams, and review PRs in English

- Working with our team to create tutorials and demonstrations that allow other developers to easily use/interact with the open-source components you develop

- English at B1+ (i.e. be able to keep all public conversations in English)

- Strong organizational skills — ability to work full-time remotely with no supervision

- Responsibility — we want to trust you