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Senior Web Developer - WordPress

We are looking for an experienced Web developer on WordPress. The successful candidate will be responsible for creating websites of the company.


  • WordPress websites` creation and development.
  • Integration of WordPress websites with the company's analytics systems / API / Salesforce and other services and testing them before launch.
  •  Creating special effects, animation on the WordPress websites.
  • Working with our SRE team to create and optimise pipelines and deploy processes.
  • Analyse and find optimised technical solutions for tasks` implementation.
  • Estimate time of tasks` implementation.

Skills Required:

  • HTML5, CSS, PHP, JS, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, MySQL
  • WordPress hooks, custom posts/taxonomies/fields, REST API, creating queries using wpdb, etc.
  • Development of custom themes and plugins for WordPress
  • Working with custom JS scripts
  • Compliance with valid layout and cross-browser compatibility, creation of websites with adaptive design
  • Ability to layout (using Figma), flex, grid, layout without using Bootstrap if necessary
  • Experience in optimising/improving WordPress security
  •  Setting up caching, customising themes, WP plugins for maximum performance
  • Optimisation and refinement of projects
  • Experience with Github
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services
  • Knowledge of administration: Shell, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Cron
  • Code validation and code audit for problem areas
  • At least 3 years of experience working with customised WordPress websites
  • Portfolio: at least 3 customised WordPress sites (mandatory)
  • Intermediate English level (please submit your CV in English)
  • Russian language would be a plus

Nice to have:

  • Experience in performing tasks for SEO requirements
  • Experience in optimising website loading speed
  • Experience with migration plugin from Drupal to WordPress
  • Experience with CI/CD and automated deployments
  • Experience with website testing

Robotics Perception Engineer


Company and project

The company operates with the vision to be the leader in making robots more accessible to anyone, wilt the leading role of the pick-assist market in Japan.

With the recent launch of the company, a product the specialist will be closely working on, is redefined Autonomous Storage and Retrieval Systems, blending top-tier performance with unmatched adaptability. With state-of-the-art technology on multi-robot systems, a strong customer base and the financial backing from industry titans like Goldman Sachs, Sony, they invite a strong specialist to join the team in sculpting the future of robotics.


  • Design and implement perception features for warehouse robots
  • Work closely with the hardware team to choose the best sensors and compute for our robots
  • Develop proof of concepts to demonstrate the value added by robotic perception to customers
  • Work with the team to integrate perception features with the rest of the robotics software stack


  • Strong background in classical computer vision
  • Strong background in robotics software engineering, specifically ROS
  • Python and C++ programming skills
  • Background in Machine Learning for computer vision
  • Demonstrable experience in developing real world computer vision applications
  • Solid understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • Strong analytical and debugging skills
  • Ability to build and deliver hands-on technology, proof of concepts, and demonstrations
  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Experience developing in a Linux/Unix environment

Preferred skills

  • Able to pick up new technologies on the fly
  • Basic familiarity with game engines is a plus
  • Willingness to look beyond just perception components and analyse the entire system and suggest improvements
  • Good communication skills, able to present their work to non-technical audiences

Senior Frontend Developer (React)


Проект в банковской сфере по созданию системы для предоставления доступа ко всем услугам и продуктам банка.

Основные задачи:

• Написание качественного кода.

• Взаимодействие с аналитиками, бизнес-заказчиками, тестировщиками, архитекторами и другими участниками рабочих групп.

Обязательные требования:

• Опыт разработки пользовательских интерфейсов с использованием с использованием JavaScript (ES6) 5+ лет.

• Уверенные знания React 16.8 и новее.

• Опыт использования стейт-менеджеров (Redux, MobX, другие) в React-приложениях.

• Уверенные знания знание HTML/CSS/SASS, XML/JSON.

• Опыт работы с препроцессорами SASS, LESS.

• Опыт написания приложений, использующих REST API либо WebSockets.

• Опыт разработки unit-тестов.

• Опыт работы с системой контроля версий git.

• Опыт верстки и оптимизации пользовательских интерфейсов.

• Хорошие коммуникативные качества, умение обосновать выбор того или

иного способа решения задачи или выбора технологий.

Будет плюсом:

• Навыки использования Typescript.

• Умение настраивать Webpack, Eslint.

• Опыт работы с микрофронтендом, криптографией, Storybook, настройкой CI/CD.

• Умение грамотно оформить документацию к разрабатываемому решению.

• Знание стандарта OAuth 2.0.

• Опыт разработки с использованием монорепозиториев (Lerna).