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Инженер-программист Java

Постоянная работа


Мы ищем опытного Java-разработчика с опытом работы на PHP или GO в международную финтех-компанию, специализирующуюся на трейдинге, Forex, ETF, криптовалютах и т.д.

Специалист будет отвечать за создание и поддержку наших программных приложений.


- Работа в составе команды разработчиков и участие во всех этапах жизненного цикла разработки.

- Написание хорошо спроектированного, тестируемого, эффективного кода и тестов.

- Анализировать текущие компоненты и предлагать необходимые обновления.

- Составлять и использовать техническую документацию по изменениям.

- Быть в курсе всех передовых практик, тенденций и развития отрасли.


  • Опыт работы в области разработки программного обеспечения от 3 лет.
  • Отличное знание Java SE.
  • Некоторый опыт работы с PHP или Go (оба или хотя бы один из этих языков).
  • Практический опыт работы с Spring: Boot, MVC, Data и т.д.
  • Опыт разработки высоконагруженных систем обработки данных.
  • Опыт работы с SQL (предпочтительно PostgreSQL) и ORM-технологиями (JPA, Hibernate).
  • Понимание работы ESB (предпочтительно Kafka).

Желательно иметь:

  • Опыт работы в финансовых, инвестиционных или торговых компаниях.
  • Хорошее знание структур данных, архитектурных паттернов.
  • Опыт работы с базами данных NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB).
  • Опыт работы с нативными облачными средами (предпочтительно AWS).
  • Опыт работы с SOA и микросервисами.
  • Понимание методологий Agile.


  • Работа в динамичной и быстро развивающейся международной компании.
  • Релокационный пакет в Черногорию.
  • Использование передовых технологий и современных бизнес-практик, таких как Agile.

Инженер DevOps


Уровень: Senior

Английский: Разговорный

Описание проекта: Команда работает в 3 направлениях: инженерное, аналитически-процессное и прикладное, которое покрывает работу над инструментами для команд разработки (Slack, Jira и т.п).


  • Понимание принципов работы систем мониторинга и алертинга, метрик и time series, построения графиков и т.д.;
  • Понимание практик SRE, в том числе критерии доступности - SLO, SLI, SLA
  • Опыт администрирования Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu), баз данных и работы с сетевым стеком (HTTP, TCP/IP, DNS, REST API);
  • Опыт работы с системами виртуализации и контейнеризации;
  • Опыт работы с Kubernetes, организации его мониторинга и владение Helm;
  • Владение любым языком: Bash, Python, Go, Groovy и т.д.;
  • Уверенное владение английским языком (мы плотно взаимодействуем с зарубежными коллегами).
  • Понимание паттернов обеспечения отказоустойчивости - load balancing, circuit breakers, disaster recovery;
  • Опыт работы с Яндекс.Облаком и Terraform;
  • Опыт построения long-term хранилища метрик на базе VictoriaMetrics/Thanos/Cortex/Grafana Mimir будет большим плюсом;
  • Опыт внедрения трассировки (tracing) на базе OpenTelemetry будет большим плюсом;
  • Опыт построения HA реализаций мониторинга на базе Prometheus stack;
  • Умение работать с Git, Ansible/Salt, JSON, YAML и опыт написания CI/CD пайплайнов;
  • Понимание методологии DevOps и опыт взаимодействия с Agile командами разработки.

Lead Java developer


Who we are looking for Server software expert (Java 11+, Spring Boot, Maven / Gradle, Junit, Mockito, SQL / ORM)

Certain responsibilities that involve development and deployment of strategic products

5 reasons why you would like to work with us

1. Fintech

Unique domain area that contains lots of interesting tasks.

Real Highload - estimated number of unique users per day is expected to be 5 million people.

Increased requirements for security and fault tolerance of the solution.

We are creating a payment method which means that the Platform we are creating must be available 24/7/365.

At the same time, we are constantly testing new product hypotheses, so we are focused on the "purity" of the solutions created and the internal quality of the code.

2. Real product development

We are developing a product that is very important in daily life of people.

You can tell your mom what you're working on, and she'll not only understand you, but she'll be happy that you're solving real problems of real people.

Each sprint we fulfill a business goal - we actively test business hypotheses.

What you do today will be sold tomorrow by a sales specialist, you will be fully integrated with the business team.

You can influence the product and we need such proactive people. We have a flat structure and open communication.

3. We develop – we launch.

We are engaged not only in development, but also in operation.

We build and develop a mature DevOps process; system engineers are part of our development team.

You will develop the ability to think about how your solution will behave in operation.

4. Mature Scrum process, no “inventing the wheel”

We work with Scrum; we scale Scrum with LeSS.

This means we work in small, long-lived product feature teams.

You will work hand-in-hand with colleagues from other disciplines to get the job delivered.

We practice swarming - we are constantly communicate online with other team members.

Participation in our teams involves T-shaping, you can painlessly and comfortably master related specialties.

You won't be left alone with process issues - we have one scrum master for every three teams.

You will influence the effectiveness of the team, avoiding unnecessary losses, influence the process as a whole.

5. A real startup with all it entails

A unique experience that will be useful to you in the future if you are going to create your own startup.

We go through all phases of development, from finding early followers to launching marketing campaigns.

This is a startup, not an enterprise - minimum bureaucracy, open communications, a culture of errors and security.

International multicultural mature team with average team member age of 30.

How about building together an alternative financial ecosystem in one single country with the potential to scale into Asian markets?

Would you like to digitize oriental bazaars with us?

We are creating a new payment method, an alternative to cash and plastic cards, with our own unique set of financial instruments aimed at ordinary people.

We are looking for

A person who can take responsibility for the quality of the backend code and the efficiency of the backend developers.

A backend development expert (Java 11+, Event Driven Microservices on Spring's stack).

Experience, Competencies and Skills Required

  • Participation in the design of platform components, audit of design solutions offered by other developers
  • Selection of technologies and tools for development and operation, we profess the “you code it you run it” approach
  • Expert leadership of the backend developer community - coaching, implementation of effective development practices, facilitation, design sessions
  • Development of code conventions and responsibility for their implementation by the community of backend developers
  • Identification of problems and wastes in the work of backend developers
  • Collaboration with the Scrum Master service to improve current processes and practices
  • Of course, you will write code, both purely technological parts of the system and product features.

Product Owner

Постоянная работа

Who are we? 

The fintech startup working on the first large-scale e-wallet in region. We aim to provide people with simple and convenient alternative to cash.

Role Description

A Product Owner creates product roadmap and guides the team’s effort ensuring value for customer and alignment with the overall product strategy. Product owner has a deep understanding of the target market & fintech industry. A Product Owner manages dependencies with other internal teams and external partners. PO works closely within their team to ensure business value and user feedback is translated into new features. Product owner is accountable for specific business KPIs in-line with key value drivers of the business


  • Sets ambitious and clear product vision and communicates it effectively to stakeholders, the team, and other members
  • Closely collaborates with stakeholders to ensure product roadmap aligns with product strategy, mission, and vision
  • Accountable for product specific KPIs once product is launched and for regular communication of KPIs to key stakeholders
  • Utilizes market and industry knowledge to translate user needs into user stories; maintains a backlog 3 to 4 sprints ahead of the team
  • Works closely with CPO to establish each product’s business value proposition
  • Facilitates product release planning with stakeholders as well as weekly demos
  • Works onsite with the product team on daily basis to navigate them to deliver most valuable solution
  • Integrates product discovery activities into product requirements to eliminate product risks and enhance user satisfaction

Experience, Competencies and Skills Required

  • 2+ years in this role working with cross-functional teams to deliver digital payment solutions
  • Experience with launching digital products from 0
  • Ready to take full responsibility for decision-making and results of product implementation
  • Strong communication skills with comfort in speaking with business stakeholders
  • Ability to explain complex product solutions in simple terms
  • Experience in developing product vision, strategy and product roadmap based on research, hypothesis testing and, data and current market position
  • Knowledge on how to identify and track product metrics and make product decisions backed up by data
  • Knowledge how to research market needs and have conducted customer interviews, surveys, segmentation, usability tests and competitive analysis more than once
  • You know how to find a common language with the team, involve the team in the creation and improvement of the product
  • Passion to challenge the status quo and find new solutions and drive out of the box ideas – loves and embraces change
  • Believes in a non-hierarchical culture of collaboration, transparency, safety, and trust
  • Not afraid to “roll up the sleeves” and seeks to go outside comfort zone to learn – pushes teams to do the same
  • Previous experience with agile is an advantage
  • Higher education
  • Advance English, fluent Russian

Windows разработчик: Win32, C/C++, VPN


Требуется Windows разработчик для работы над продуктом NFWare Enterprise Zero Trust Network Access в российском стартапе - разработчик сетевого программного обеспечения на базе NFV-технологий.


  • 3 + года недавнего опыта коммерческой разработки десктопных Windows клиентов (Win32) и сервисов на С/С++, включая Win32 UI
  • Опыт разработки средств аутентификации пользователей, включая MFA
  • Хорошее понимание принципов работы компьютерных сетей – TCP/IP, DNS и т.д.

Будет плюсом:

  • Знание и опыт работы с Go
  • Опыт разработки VPN клиентов
  • Опыт работы с Active Directory
  • Опыт администрирования корпоративных Windows устройств
  • Знакомство с обеспечением безопасности Windows устройств

Мы ищем разработчика, который смог бы:

  • Создать современный VPN клиент для Windows (Win32, не UWP), используя как основу работающий клиент с открытым исходным кодом (Go, C). Новый клиент должен иметь нативный Win32 UI на С/C++ (не Qt) и поддерживать автоматическое получение конфигурационных файлов через наш API.
  • Добавить поддержку аутентификации пользователей, включая MFA
  • Добавить интеграцию с Active Directory и поддержку MDM Windows разработчик: Win32, C/C++, VPN 2 
  • Добавить проверку безопасности устройства пользователя (InTune, и т.д.)
  • Добавить интеграцию с нативной поддержкой корпоративных Windows VPN: Always On with EAP, device tunnel, и т.д.

System Analyst



We are looking for a System Analyst who is experienced in crypto and FinTech to join the innovative agile team, working with cutting-edge technology. If you are a proactive person, who takes an analytical approach, eager to learn new things, and improve your skills, this team offers you an opportunity to be part of an amazing project.


  • You are going to maintain and upgrade existing systems;
  • You are going to create different datasets of the company for stakeholders to analyze business data;
  • You are going to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot core business applications, including application servers, associated hardware, endpoints, and databases;
  • You are going to coordinate with internal and external stakeholders to establish project scope, system goals, and requirements;
  • As well as to develop, analyze, prioritize, and organize requirement specifications, data mapping, diagrams, and flowcharts for developers and testers to follow;
  • You will also translate highly technical specifications into clear non-technical requirements
  • And manage the set-up and configuration of systems;
  • You will define and coordinate the execution of testing procedures, and develop test cases to serve the overall quality assurance process;
  • You will develop and implement maintenance procedures, monitor systems health, gather system statistics, and troubleshoot reported errors and alarms;
  • You will perform the design, implementation, and upgrades of information systems to meet the business and user needs;
  • Finally, you will implement best practices for scalability, supportability, ease of maintenance, and system performance.


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or information technology, or equivalent experience;
  • 2-5 years of experience working with information technologies and systems analysis;
  • Experience in the FinTech industry and crypto sphere;
  • Strong computer, hardware, software, and analytical skills;
  • Proven ability to assess business needs and translate them into relevant solutions;
  • Experience installing, configuring, documenting, testing, training, and implementing new applications and systems;
  • Working knowledge of a wide variety of programming languages;
  • Critical thinking ability;
  • High level communication and project management skills;
  • Great analytical skills.