Актуальные заказы по Network Architecture

Solution Architect


A specialist is required for our client's project to create specific solutions working with a stack of technologies:

Docker, Azure Container Apps, Bicep templating, Powershell, Azure Devops yaml CI/CD, Azure Storage, Azure Service Bus, Azure Networking (Private DNS Zones, Private Network/Subnets, CDN, Firewall, Network Security Group), Azure Frontdoor, Azure B2C, Azure Application Insights, M-Files, Document360, .NET 7, C# 11, ASP.NET Core, Blazor WASM, SwaggerGen, Azure Key-Vault, SQL Server.

Required Skills:

  • Experience building distributed architectures (microservices, service oriented architecture).
  • Event Driven Communication (Saga, Transactional Inbox/Outbox, Durable chains, Routing Slip).
  • Relational/non-relational Databases expertise - SQL Server.
  • Networking / Security (private networks and tunneling).
  • .NET Core 6,7 / C# 10,11 expertise, Entity Framework Core, Identity Server4.
  • UML Diagramming (Component/Flow/Sequence diagrams).
  • Monitoring tools / Alerting configuration experience.

English: B2+, C1

Locations: USA, Mexico, Lithuania

Senior Azure DevOps engineer


Project description and requirements for Background to the assignment

The company provides Data Science support for chemistry product development and support R&D. This includes the design and development of production-ready web application to serve the developed data science model to the end-user and other things.

Therefore, the development requires a secure setup of Azure services according to an existing system architecture. To keep compliance with company's standards, the setup needs to be automated using Terraform and should follow Microsoft recommendations for security and networking. There is also a need for a proper test environment concept and deployment automation for the web application components according to the concept.

Consequently, we need an expert with sufficient expertise in connection with Azure Serverless technologies in a secure setup and their automated deployment, handling of test environment as well as logging and monitoring of serverless applications.

Backlog items will be assigned in Azure DevOps containing business requirements and acceptance criteria.

Workload based on Agile environment, 2 weeks sprints. With Sprint meetings once in two weeks and Daily meetings.


Automation of build and deployment of web app components based on Docker container and Azure serverless technologies

  • Staged deployment and test environment concept for App Service apps and Function App APIs
  • Concept for deployment and hosting of API specs
  • Concept for deployment and hosting of code documentation
  • Concept for logging and monitoring of serverless functions App Service apps and Function App APIs

Automation of Azure services provisioning based on Terraform

  • Setup of Azure App Service, Function App under consideration of Azure security recommendations and automation via Terraform
  • Setup of Cosmos DB under consideration of Azure security recommendations and automation via Terraform

Documentation of technical implementation which is subject to approval by the client.

Security Architect

Постоянная работа

Who are we?

The fintech startup working on the first large-scale e-wallet in region. We aim to provide people with simple and convenient alternative to cash.

Job description

  • Design cloud security architectures and perform architecture design reviews
  • PCI DSS subject matter expert ensuring company’s security architecture is fully PCI compliant
  • Define, prioritize, and measure our efforts in achieving and maintaining public and private cloud security in environments such as AWS working with engineering teams
  • Implement, maintain, and improve existing industry best practices of operational security controls such as:

-Audit mechanisms

-Vulnerability management

-Data classification

-Encryption and data security

  • Continually evaluate new threats in the cloud, to identify the impact on IT and Business to develop and implement security controls
  • Ensure effective coordination between IT Security, Private Cloud, and Infrastructure through collaboration with engineers

Job Requirements

  • Strong foundations in software engineering, specifically at the architectural level
  • Strong foundations in public cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure)
  • Strong foundations in Kubernetes or Kubernetes like environments (stateless services, auto scaling, pod communication)
  • Knowledge of Infrastructure-as-Code and concepts related to automated infrastructure management using tools such as Terraform
  • Knowledge of cloud security best practices including Identity Access Management (IAM), network security, modern cloud security architecture, and platform specific security and governance tools
  • Knowledge with CSPM platform like Wiz Orca etc
  • Knowledge in Service Mesh Architecture
  • Understanding of the ISO 27001/27002, COBIT, and ITIL frameworks are required

Lead/Senior Dev in Test engineer


Required Knowledge/Skills:

- Knowledge of vehicle EE architecture: high voltage, low voltage, networks

- Experience of integrating vehicle electrical systems with significant software component

- Knowledge of vehicle comms and network architectures

- Activities to be supported:

- Develop feature and system level design validation procedures (DVP) for a given feature/system domain.

- English level: B2.

- Time zone: GMT +1 (United Kingdom).

Incident Manager

Постоянная работа
Looking for a Incident Manager for working on a trading product. Requirements: - 1+ years designing, analyzing, troubleshooting, supporting and resolving issues in a multi-tiered application architecture, especially service-oriented and micro-services architecture requiring 24x7 availability; - Experience with SQL queries; - Basic knowledge of databases: Oracle (Pl/SQL) and/or PostgreSQL; - Basic Linux knowledge (awk, sed, bash, cat, grep, etc.); - Understanding AWS (VPC, EC2, ECS, Route53, S3); - Version control systems: GIT; - Basic knowledge of networks; - Good analytical\troubleshooting skills. Will be a plus: - Linux system, Web servers (Nginx, Tomcat); - Experience with DevOps tools (Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab-CI, Terraform, etc.); - Understanding of JVM’s configuration; - Understanding of REST API, gRPC; - Experience in high-loaded applications implementation; - Experience as a Software Engineer. Financial, Forex, gaming industries preferable; - Experience working with JIRA; - Familiarity with Logstash, Kibana, Elastic Search technologies; - Familiarity with Zabbix or Prometheus; - Understanding how the services work with message brokers (Kafka, SQS/SNS, ESB); - Scripting languages: Bash, Python. Tasks and responsibilities: - To monitor the operation of reporting systems in production, solve current problems and work on improving the operation of systems (find errors in logs, performance drawdowns, detect problems in the interaction of services, analyze application performance metrics and system metrics for host resources on which the application is deployed and create tasks to the development team to fix the problems found). Resolving incidents in the application, analyzing the reasons, organizing interaction with other teams to restore the smooth operation of the application; managing the build, release and customization of the app in production; - Deploying, automating, maintaining, and managing an AWS cloud based environment for availability, performance, scalability, and security; management of dev and QA environments; - Analyse and make recommendations regarding technology improvements, upgrades and modifications.

Network Engineer

Постоянная работа
We are looking for a Network Engineer for working on a trading product. In this role, you should have excellent problem-solving skills and knowledge of network administration and architecture (IP routing, firewalling, and VPN), AWS, and, ideally, Linux. Requirements: - 3+ years of network administration and architecture in geographically spread environments; - 1+ years of cloud networking (preferably, AWS) with at least medium-sized networks. Experience with TerraForm is a plus; - Understanding of communication and dynamic routing protocols (including BGP); - Basic understanding of Linux administration and experience with command-line interface (you should not be afraid of vi); - Combined experience with detailed technical knowledge and hands-on practice working in networks and networks hardening; - Proficiency in access control models and network security; - Working knowledge of network diagnostic, monitoring, and analysis tools (e.g. Wireshark); - Experience with Service Desk systems (e.g. Jira Service Desk, ZenDesk, Solarwinds) and enterprise-class monitoring systems (e.g. Zabbix, DynaTrace); - Working knowledge of CDNs (e.g. Cloudflare), DNS, certificates, and domain management; - Ability to work independently; - SPOKEN English (company's official language) at B2 level (Upper-Intermediate), at least. Will be a plus: - Experience with FreeBSD, Cisco, Checkpoint; - More than basic experience with Linux; - Experience with VoIP in general and SIP cloud providers particularly; - Solid knowledge of network operating systems (JUNOS, Cisco IOS); - Experience with Wi-Fi networking; - Working knowledge and troubleshooting skills of scripting languages (e.g. bash, Python, Perl); - Professional certifications (e.g. BSD Specialist, Ubuntu Professional, CCNA); - BSc/BA in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field. Tasks and responsibilities: - Design and deploy functional networks (mostly AWS and some remote physical data-centers using LAN, WAN, VPN, and firewall technologies); - Monitor network performance and integrity; - Resolve issues and troubleshoot cloud and local infrastructure using a service desk system, including 24/7 support on a rotational basis; - Automate tasks and monitor their effectiveness; - Create, oversee, and test security measures (e.g. access authentication/authorization, disaster recovery); - Communicate with internal users and Customer Service when needed; - Compile and maintain thorough technical documentation; - Suggest improvements to network performance, capacity, and scalability.