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Android Tech Lead


Technical Lead Engineer responsible for leading software development team for Android Application and Frameworks Development and customization.


  • Be a passionate team leader.
  • Be the voice of your team, mentor and coach of Android developers of your team.
  • Establish best practices for team processes.
  • Build modern and efficient Android Applications and Frameworks at industry-leading level.
  • Orchestrate technical decisions by keeping an overview of modern Android technologies and take responsibility.
  • Know that team comes first and you come second.
  • Able to share complex ideas and feedback in clear and straightforward ways.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in EE, CE, or CS
  • Strong technical background in Android Application development and frameworks customization preferably for Infotainment systems.
  • Expert in C++, Java, Kotlin knowledge would be good to have.
  • Have 3+ years of experience as the lead of a high-performing team.
  • Have 5+ years of experience in developing Android apps and frameworks.
  • In-Depth understanding of Software Development Process.
  • Experience in Configuration, Defect, Requirement & Change Mgmt. tools e.g. JIRA, GIT
  • Experience in Android Frameworks customization and development.
  • Sound knowledge of Android Architecture, Design patterns MVVM, MVP, MVC.
  • Android architecture components, LiveData, Room, DataBinding, RxJava Android.
  • Can use Android CarUI library for app development for Android Auto and Android Automotive OS.
  • Excellent communication skills in English, basic knowledge of German language would be good to have.


  • ADB Debugger, AndroidStudio, IntelliJ,
  • Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Gradle, Make, CMake build tools
  • Dagger, Android Espresso, Robolectric and other JUnits frameworks.

Project location: Greater Munich Area                    

Duration: long-term

Android Systems Architect


As an Android Automotive apps & frameworks architect you would be designing apps for Android Auto and Android Automotive OS and Android OS customization for OEMs.


  • You would be leading the design and architecture decisions for development of Android Automotive Apps and Android Automotive Frameworks Stack.
  • Working with engineers, tech leads, testers and managers to help integrate and productize the solutions.
  • Creating benchmarks and code samples to mentor engineers and leads and establish standards for them to follow.
  • You bring your modern understanding of architecture to company level methods into (e.g., Enterprise Architecture Management, Test Driven Development, Design Architecture Patterns)
  • Expert in handling Software Development Life Cycle preferably in Automotive domain.
  • You are technically well-versed, passionate about technology trends and have designed and developed software in agile teams for many years.
  • Able to analyze, test and evaluate new technologies in use for project.
  • Supporting sales and program management teams during customer engagements as a technical expert.


  • Have 3+ years of experience as a Software Architect and many years of professional experience as software engineer.
  • Extensive programming skills in C++, Java, JNI, Kotlin, Gradle using Android libraries.
  • Good knowledge of Android Automotive OS architecture and CarUI library for app development.
  • Excellent knowledge of architectural principles and design patterns concepts and their implementation in mobile technologies.
  • Very good knowledge of DevOps tooling (versioning, CI/CD, automation, testing pyramids).
  • Very good communication skills in English.
  • German language skills would be an advantage.


  • Android Studio, Intellij IDEA, Gradle, Make, CMake, ADB Debugger, Sonarqube, Robolectric, Dagger, Android Espresso, Git, Jenkins, Gerrit, JIRA

Project location: Greater Munich Area                   

Duration: Long-term

Senior Azure DevOps engineer


Project in healthcare industry.


  • Build the automation processes of our Big Data platforms.
  • Install, deploy, configure, maintain and monitor infrastructure, systems, and management tools of our Big Data platforms.
  • Ensure the highest levels of systems and infrastructure availability for our Big Data platforms.
  • Ensure the proper security standards in terms of infrastructure, systems, and processes.
  • Monitor and test application performance for potential bottlenecks, identify possible solutions and work with developers to implement fixes Provide 2nd level support.
  • Liaise with vendors (Azure and Databricks) and other IT personnel for problem resolution.

General Requirements

  • University degree or similar education in Software Engineering or Computer Science.
  • At least 3 years experience in DevOps and/or in using automation to build infrastructure.
  • Fluent English and good communication skills both in verbal and written form.
  • Ability to work in a globally distributed environment.

Technical Skills

  • Understanding of infrastructure automation concepts and good hands-on knowledge of Ansible.
  • Understanding of containerization concepts and strong knowledge of Docker.
  • Good understanding of Versioning Control systems and strong knowledge of Git.
  • Hands-on experience in Linux administration and in Bash scripting.
  • Experience with Jenkins.
  • Proficiency in writing scripts in Python.
  • Understanding of cloud paradigms (IaaS/SaaS/PaaS).
  • Understanding of networking concepts and cybersecurity best practices.
  • Understanding of agile software development process.
  • Accustomed to leverage tools like Confluence and Jira for knowledge and collaboration management.
  • Hands-on experience with MS Azure.
  • Experience with container orchestration and knowledge of Azure Kubernetes.
  • Familiarity with Big Data technologies: Spark/Hadoop, Azure Databricks, Apache Airflow.
  • Understanding of SQL and NoSQL database types, paradigms, and design patterns.